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OWA biochemistry emphasizes a simple and clear way to collaborate, and therefore we provide clear information about goals and means. We are always ready to help. By using OWA chemistry’s products and advice, optimal hygiene is achieved, and the result can be clearly seen on the bottom line.


Cleaning & Disinfectants

We have various products for cleaning and disinfection. A thorough cleaning is essential for the effect of disinfection. In the end, it is economically advantageous to clean thoroughly first as you save on the amount of disinfectant. At OWA Chemistry, you get particularly effective disinfectants for every type of agriculture. Below you will find a list of our products.

  • Unicide

  • Multilon

  • Bencacide+

  • Cekocide Pulver

  • Multicide-F

  • Container Rens